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The PlayStation 4 Is a Beast, Deal With It…

A week or so ago, I wrote an article questioning the validity of some of the criticism coming from some members of the PC crowd towards the PlayStation 4.  Since that time, I’ve read hundreds of comments (from this website and many others) and  articles on the matter, and  none of them offered any real convincing reasons as to why they think that the console will be trash.  The reoccurring theme stemming from these comments was that “technology will keep moving forward, and the PS4 will eventually fall behind.”  Something that Captain Obvious himself would roll his eyes at before removing his hat for a face palm.


Fast forward to today; we now know even more about the PS4 and the changes it will bring to the console gaming.  I was always of the sentiment that one of the main things that held gaming  back this generation was the very predictable and, at times, dumb AI that plagues so many games.  xaitControl will now put this issue to rest as it is now available to developers on the PlayStation 4.  For those of you who are not aware of what it does, “xaitControl  gives you runtime libraries and graphical tools to model advanced AI character behaviors with a probabilistic, hierarchical finite state machine. It also includes a graphical, real-time debugger. By drawing states and graphically connecting them with transitions, you can efficiently give your NPCs realistic behavioral options for any given situation.”

PhysX and APEX

580_nvidia_physx_official_logoThe PlayStation 4 will now also support NVIDIA’s PhysX and APEX.  PhysX is already widely used in games and other applications; it is a real-time physics engine with features including discrete and continuous collision detection, raycasting and shape sweeps, solvers for rigid body dynamics, fluids, and particles, as well as vehicle and character controllers.  APEX on the other hand, is a multi-platform, scalable dynamics framework, which puts the artist into the driver seat to quickly create dynamic interactive content. Just imagine a game where most, if not all, of the environment is destructible.  Something that very few games could accomplish on the PS3.

Substance Engine and more…

The PS4 will also support the Substance Engine which will provide for better textures but also decrease the load time that is normally associated with them.   Other tools and engines that will be available on the PS4 are: Enlighten (think Eve Online), Morpheme 4, Unreal Engine 4, SpeedTree etc..

Golden PS controllerWe know that there are many more unannounced surprises coming our way between now and E3.  But even going by what we know so far, it is safe to say that the PlayStation 4 is an absolute beast of a control.  Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But it’s downright impressive especially when you compare it to what is currently available on the market as far as Next Generation is concerned.



22 thoughts on “The PlayStation 4 Is a Beast, Deal With It…

  1. MAn are you on drugs all these technologies has been around for over 10 years on PC, there is nothing extraordinary on these libraries, all hype.

    • exactly, also lets seee what the xbox has to bring. I stil remember the 2007 arguments “ps3 has more cores than the x360, stop saying x360 is more powerfull”

      PS fanboys need to reallize that their console is weak.

      x86= pc, meaning better optimization for pcs Current pc are as powerfull as the ps4. Meaning 2 years every pc will pwn ps4, EVERY ONE.

      • “Current pc are as powerfull as the ps4. Meaning 2 years every pc will pwn ps4, EVERY ONE.”

        No, high end PCs right now are more powerful than PS4, but the vast majority of PCs are not as powerful. Look at Steam statistics: most PCs *used for gaming on Steam* have modest GPUs or don’t have dedicated GPUs at all.

        Even in 2-4 years’ time, many/most PCs in actual use for gaming will not be as powerful as PS4, and game developers have to take that into consideration in PC game development. Now, it is true that in the future most gaming PCs sold new will be more powerful than PS4.. but that’s not what you said, and it’s not the only relevant consideration.

        In 2 years, not NEARLY half of PCs in use will match PS4. Most of the decent ones sold new at that time will be better, yes.

      • The fuck you talking about? Last time I checked PC games don’t have completely destructible environments or smart AI. Just better graphics. PC fanboys need to realize shiney graphics does not equal superior.

  2. Seeing it as it is, what boggles my mind is for the past 5 years every day we see articles saying Sony is loosing billions, going bankrupt, going down etc etc but among the big 3 Sony seems to be the only one producing new IPs, new games, more exclusive games- big and small compared to Nintendo and M$? and they have the money to buy GaiKai?
    And now they have announced a very ambitious PS4!
    Isn’t it ironic?

    Why is this happening? Please I need an answer. thanks pls email me.

    • Hi MIYAMOTO,

      Thanks for checking out the article and taking the time to leave your thoughts.

      I’m no financial expert, but I do know that Sony as whole is very big company. They don’t just make PlayStations, they own movies studios, record labels,and they make Bluray players, medical equipment, batteries, cameras and TV’s, computers, Cell phones, etc….

      So from what I’ve read, it seems that their TV business (a major part of Sony) have taken a huge hit because of the down turn of the economy and stiffer competition from Samsung and other manufacturers who offer cheaper products. A lot of people also put some of the blame on Sony themselves because of how they operate as a business, as until recently, they didn’t have a unified business model. If you look at Apple on the other hand, most of their devices complement each other and create a pretty nice unified ecosystem that makes it very user friendly.

      Sony is now under new management and things are turning around for them, but it`s long road ahead. Again, I much rather you google this info as I`m no expert on the subject matter.

  3. can we see how the games and system looks first before you write any more fanboy articles. because when you wrote beast all i thought about was the lockness monster and bigfoot.and you know they dont exist my friend.

    • Hi Dirty Sanchez and thanks for commenting.

      We’ve seen what the games look like actually. I don’t care too much about what the system itself looks like. The controller is a million times more important in looks and overall feel, and I love everything they’ve shown me about it so far.

      Also to your point, if writing an article highlighting the positives about a product is “Fanboyish” then I make no apologies.

      I don’t know about Lockness Monster or Big Foot either, but what I do know is that scientist have estimated that we only know about 5% of the world’s ocean. And just recently they’ve captured video footage of the Giant Octopus that many old man told stories of, but were ridiculed and passed off as crazies. So maybe you should keep an open mind?

      And maybe your advice would better suit the guys who are downplaying the console, since in your own words “we haven’t seen what the games and console looks like”.

  4. yea pc gamer are all talk. the only thing i see pc game do it better looking games and not much else. all there games are ports or mmos and the best mmo looks like crap. they can talk all they want, the ps4 is going to be the best why to play great looking game with out all that pc hassle.

    • Really, Guild Wars 2 looks like crap? The PC not only has better looking games, but also mods, faster updates, and often times huge discounts on games. I also own a Wii U and a PS3 btw. No fanboyism here.

  5. The problem here is that power is relative. The second issue is the power to price ratio. I just built a $1500 gaming pc for around $1000 with sales/rebates, etc. My PC today is of course more powerful than the PS4, but the PS4 won’t cost me $1000. The second thing is the PS3/PS4 has way more better games than any PC (I realize this is an issue of preference). I hate MMO’s and first person RPG’s. I also hate DRM and digital only games. I don’t want to have to download for an hour. That alone eliminates most of the “awesome” PC games out there. On the other hand, FPS own on PC, and I would not play them on consoles.

  6. Wow, a beast so unbalanced and out of date it will die of starvation soon after release. What a joke. PlayStation is for paupers and Sony are a joke of a company!

      • “Sony are a joke of a company”? I suggest you use the net for something more constructive than porn and do a bit of research. Sony are responsible for some of the most innovative products in the last 30 odd years and even longer. Yes, of recent they have been off the game and have failed to measure up to their own previous standards but this hardly makes them a ‘joke’. PS4 is a step back in the right direction and they are start to be more cohesive in their approach to the various aspects of their company such as mobile phones, tablets, TV’s and AV and, of course, the forthcoming PS4. One may note that much of Sony Entertainment’s issues began with the appointment of the present CEO Howard Stringer and it is no coincidence, in my opinion, that he is leaving just as the re-structuring is taking shape. His strategy ignored that innovative and aspirational aspects of Sony’s DNA and he profit driven business model was clearly the wrong approach for what is essentially a Japanese company albeit with a global presence.

  7. I hate both sides of the argument. Can people just see it for what it is? It’s a good gaming computer for a probably pretty good price. That’s what it is, it’s not a “beast” and it’s not trash. It’s really good, but that all.

  8. Yeah, PC gaming is just a shitty dead platform for losers. The PS3 produces better graphics than anything the PC is capable of right now, nevermind what the PS4 will do. Both The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls are lightyears above trash like Crysis 3 in graphics AND gameplay.

    The PC is just a slightly higher – spec 360, and it suffers from the same problems. Shit graphics, no exclusive games, crap online support. The retards who still cling to their crappy, dead platform can go play their MMO’s like Farmville and Neopets, the real gamers will be busy playing real games like God Of War and Uncharted.

    • hey u asshole sony fanboy r u living in caves do u know d meaning of pc gaming,pc gaming is d white guardian of gaming it had reached d heights where ur consoles can never reach.Talking of graphics u moron pc were d most powerful gaming talking about ps 4 it has 8gb gddr5 ram means shared with graphics card not ddr5 ram with a 8 core proccesor dude these specs now they r using v pc guys r using dis specs for about 5years.V r playing each and every game with 1080p suppport with full graphics high or ultra now ur getting dis support oh crap.
      Bitch pls crysis 3 have u ever heard of crysis series it is d most visually impressive game in gaming industry comparing with d games like last of us and beyond who run on 720p with trim down graphics comparing with juggernaut game like crysis3 who can run on 5760 * 1600p.oh i forgot to tell u that nowdays pc has d power to run games on even 8000*4096p.Now suck dat,u have heard or read articles about consoles r dying yes dey r dying u can read on each and every site talking about dead platform v all now dat whose d dead platform.have u heard of gtx 690 1000$ card,if u have ever heard of this card it’s 4gb gddr5 card which can run games on 5760*1600p wiithout breaking a sweat at 42-45 fps yes now if a compare it with ps4 oh y i’m comparing it with ps4 it’s like comparing a ferrari(gtx690) with a low standard car now i’m comparing it’s because of to put some knowledge i ur tiny brain alone gtx 690 can wipe ur ps4 lightyears away .it would take a decade for ur ps5 to reach at dis level.v have games like diablo.starcraft.halflife .diablo 3 alone sales r at 15 million now if i compare any of ur title with it say uncharted it’s combine series sales r at 15 million loser.have u ever heard about half life it had been awarded game of d decade now ur pthatic title like uncharted or whatever except god of war cannot come to dis level of height of which dis game has achieved so stop joking u r self and stop living in dreams dat consoles r powerful stay updated.

      • LOL, that was the most pathetic attempt at grammar and spelling i’ve ever seen in my life. Thank you for proving PC GAYMERS are the most illiterate, gormless morons on the face of the Earth.

        Maybe finish grade school English before trying to post a comment, Death?

      • Yes, this is all very well but you miss a salient and most important point…a PC that can out-perform what the PS4 will do will cost much, much more. Also, the money you spend in updating your Nvidia card, the processor and the memory, say, every two years to carry on getting the best graphics out of each new game released would itself be more than the cost of a PS4 or any other console. Most people who use a console are uninterested in what you say as we just prefer having decent enough visuals with fun and exciting gaming. We choose consoles not because of the visual quality they offer but for the game-play.. Of course if Sony were to offer scalability on the console or perhaps even update it every two years, to keep pace with the PC market, this would be fine with me but even buying a console every two years is far cheaper than updating a PC! By the way, invest in a dictionary or use the spell-checker on your PC as it does more than just play games. Also remember, personal abuse to make a point only shows your own deficiencies.

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