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Will The PS4 Sabotage PlayStation Home And Its User Base?

Sony came out swinging yesterday when the revealed the PlayStation 4 and gave the world a glimpse of what to expect come later this year.

They reveal some pretty impressive technical aspect of the new console and also demonstrated some pretty graphically impressive games running real-time on the PlayStation 4. Equally as impressive as the games themselves was how they plan to go about integrating Gaikai as the backbone of the Sony Gaikaientire PlayStation experience.

The CEO of Gaikai talked about how quick and seamlessly it will be to try out and buy new games, stream live games to friends and share them on Facebook. But one important thing that wasn’t mentioned during the 2 hour-long event was PlayStation Home and its future with the PS4.

In a recent article I wrote , I spoke about the current state of the PlayStation Home, the many positives that such a service brings to the user base. But I also highlighted some of the negatives aspects of it and how Gaikai would be the one thing that would enable such an ambitious concept from where it is today, to reaching its full potential.

playstation-home crowd

When PlayStation Home was first announced, Sony envisioned a social world where gamers and friends can gather and share their stories, in-game achievements, stream and watch movies together, and when the time calls for it, jump into a gaming session together seamlessly. Home did manage to deliver on some of the ideas originally talked about, but other ideas were simply too grand for even the mighty PS3. Most if not all the problem with PlayStation came with the fact that the experience wasn’t a seamless one. The different areas felt very disconnected from one another and the load times in between didn’t help at all.

playstation home theater

Streaming your games instead of watching Twilight…

But the recent reveal of the PS4 and its neat integration with Gaikai, it seems like the technology has finally caught up to the idea. At the reveal, Sony focus on these 4 key words “simple – personalization – immediacy – integrated” which seem to fall in line with the vision of PlayStation Home. Where, for players who want it (meaning optional) Home becomes a secondary UI (User Interface) for the PS4 itself. Where your virtual space/apartment becomes the center of everything related to you, from trophies, gameplay videos, live streams, tweets, and almost anything you do on the PS4 is neatly integrated into PlayStation Home. Imagine that you’re a popular and well-known gamer, and now your live stream sessions, are advertise and played in the virtual theaters in PlayStation Home. I think Ideas like that are what drove the guys at Sony to create Home in the first place.

So why is it then that Home didn’t make an appearance at yesterday’s PlayStation 4 event? meanwhile the entire event was being broadcasted in virtual theaters inside PlayStation, where the servers struggle with the amount of people cramming in there. It’s hard to imagine Sony walking away from a concept that not only has made them money, but also has a pretty loyal following such as the Home crowd, but especially because they’ve finally acquired the technology to make it 10 times better than it is now.

Do you think Sony will bring PlayStation Home into the future with the PlayStation 4 and Gaikai? Or we about to experience massive foreclosures and a bunch “Home-less” folks when the dust settles this holiday season?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the matter in the comment section.


3 thoughts on “Will The PS4 Sabotage PlayStation Home And Its User Base?

  1. PS home has to be a potential liability for Sony, I’ve seen so much unbelievable behavior on there. Its a sexual predators dream come true. More accurate accounting of users is going to become necessary eventually. Or Sony will lose its fan base from security concerns. Mark my words Sony!

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