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My PS3 Hates My PS Vita

Some six months ago, I made the decision to purchase a $250.00 handheld console, somewhat skeptical about it and believing the talk on the web saying that this little system barely had any games.

I went into this really thinking that my huge backlog of PS3 games was safe. I really believed that I was no longer going to be a man of empty promises, and that I will actually take the time to sit down and really savour and appreciate the many wonderful experiences that are to be found in games like Dead Space 2, Batman Arkham Assylum, Valkyria Chronicles, Dark Souls, Red Dead Redemption and many other games that are stacked next to my PS3 waiting to be played. See, for over a year now, I’ve been promising my backlog that I really, really want to spend time playing it but something always comes up, like a shiny new game. Not to mention that my PS3 is actually pregnant with a hard drive full of free and discounted games from PlayStation Plus. All the more reasons why I had planned to spend some quality time with my PS3 and tap that fat ass….erm, backlog.

Video Game Back log

But you see, the one thing I really didn’t factor into this equation is my PS Vita. For a console that is supposed to have no games, I find myself incapable of putting it down. But worse, is that now I find myself going to sleep later and later everyday because of this sexy little beast of a system. I bring it to my room and put on the headphones and I’ll be on Black Ops Declassified until 2 or 3 am. I mean, it’s not fair to both me or my backlog on my PS3. I can’t even stop playing my PS Vita long enough to even write a review or two, for pete’s sake.

The real terrifying part of this whole ordeal for me is the fact that,  not only do I find myself devoting more and more time to my PS Vita, but I’m also realizing that the system is less than a year old, and already I’ve got a backlog of games for it. Currently I’m cyclying through NFS Most Wanted, Black Ops Declassified, Gravity Rush, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, and MotorStorm RC. I have barely touched LBP Vita, Dynasty Warriors Next, Unit 13, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, and Sine Mora. I’m running out of memory space because I have 5 free games on PlayStation that I’m dying to play but I only have an 8GB card.

I’ve been thinking about getting PlayStation AllStars as the beta was pretty fun. Being curious about how cross-play will work between the systems, I tried to use Remote Play between my PS Vita and my PS3 but I keep getting an error stating: ” Could not connect to the PS3tm system.” I’ve never had this problem before, and I’m beginning to think that my PS3 is Jealous of my PS Vita because of all the time we’ve been spending together.

The other night I was in the living room playing AC 3: Liberation on the PS Vita and I was rubbing it’s back panel, and my PS3 suddenly turned itself on. I won’t lie, I nearly crapped my pants as I thought my PS3 was going to blow up and kill me in the process. But it turned out to be an automatic update….phew

All jokes asides though, the PS Vita is turning out to be one heck of an investment for me, and I couldn’t be happier with it as it already feels like there’s too many games available.  The games are coming left and right, PlayStation Plus is finally on board and kicking on all cylinders, and the holidays are already here. So I hope that all the negativity surrounding the console haven’t swayed too much and you’ve decided to hop in.  If you find yourself traveling away from home this holiday season to be with family members, I hope you’re bringing the PS Vita along.


7 thoughts on “My PS3 Hates My PS Vita

  1. Great article. I also took the plunge with the Vita from day one and I have zero regret. Currently I have a back log of games on the Vita as well, especially since P4G touched down last week.

    Anyone hating on the Vita or stating that it has a lack of games, either does not have one or can’t afford one and the many quality games it has. The biggest gripe that I have is how these other mobile systems (iPad in particular) get such great reviews with games that don’t compare to what is available on the Vita in quality, depth, game-play or controls. A great example is NFS Most Wanted on the Vita, no other true racing mobile game can compare, yet there are other mobile racers that received better ratings /shrug.

    • Thanks for the feedback Relic, I really appreciate it. I the review for NFS: Most wanted Vita up on the site. I was surprised by how good of game it turned out to be on the vita. It’s hands down one of the best handheld car racing games I’ve played. There’s definitely a double standard out there for sure and most of the time, you really can’t tell unless you’ve tried the product yourself. I’ve yet to play P4G, so that’s another great title that I’ll have to pick up pretty soon. Where am I going to find the time to play these games, I dont know….

  2. You speak the truth brother! I have over 30 games on my 3G PS Vita. I have Ps1, Ps mini’s, Psp, Ps Vita, and cross play games all on this beast of a hanheld. And my 8GB 4GB and 32GB cards are soon to be filled thanks to PS + and PS mobile.

  3. It is good to see someone speaking up the truth. And to be honest I see myself in the exact same shoe as you. I too bought the Vita at launch. I dont deny I didnt touch it much and spend more time with my consoles or even my 3DS. But now I see myself with the Vita almost all the time that I have even neglect my consoles. The worst is I didnt even buy any new games or want to touch my 3DS (at least for now) at all despite I even change my launch 3DS to XL when it was release. And I still have backlogs on my PS3 and 360 as well. There are a lot of double standard out there especially when come to Vita. Many hates for unknown reason. Even most games reviews are done in a very hash way and always compare it to the big brother PS3 which is the worst thing to do. It’s a handheld for god sake. Even when 2 completely different games like AC3 and AC3:Liberation are being compared. Which is dumb. Why did I not see them do the same thing for a Mario game on 3DS comparing it to the console counterpart? It is just bias there. There is nothing wrong to have comparison, but then demerit a product over the big brother console offering is just plain dumb if you would to ask me. Just like BO:D for Vita, I agree there are a lot of shortcoming with the game. But overall it is just not as bad as some make it up to be. In fact it is probably the most fun handheld multiplayer fps out there. And see what I said… handheld. Vita is an amazing device. People need to learn how to appreciate it. Some even dumb enough to call it just a slightly upgraded PSP but yet dumb enough to buy every iPad that Apple release just makes me want to laugh.

  4. Hey, love your funny article! Some colleagues of mine also got the Vita and really like the system :-). For now I will still be sticking to the PS3 and avoid building up the backlog of games like you did 😉

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