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PS3 System Software Update Coming Tuesday October 23

Hello guys and happy Monday, er… right!? Ok never mind that, we’ve got got a nice little update (4.30) in the pipeline for the PS3 and it’ll go live on Tuesday, October 23. Courtesy of PlayStation Blog, we know that this update will deal mainly with how Trophies are displayed on your PS3, and will feature a unified Trophy system displaying trophies earned from both your PS3 and PS Vita from now on.  The Trophy Collection has been moved to a different location on the XMB as well and can now be found in the PlayStation Network folder.

PlayStation Trophies

With this batch of good news out of the way, it has been revealed that the PS3 will also be saying goodbye to “Life with PlayStation” and its “Folding@home” project. The program had some 15 million participants, since its introduction in 2007, using their PS3 to contribute some 100 million computation hours towards Alzheimer’s disease research in a collaboration with Stanford University.

I’m really happy to have been one of those 15 million participants and I’m a bit bummed that the program is coming to a close.  Nonetheless, 5 years was a pretty good run and it was well worth it, and is something that all gamers should feel proud of.


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