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Increasing Evidence That Nintendo is Not Serious About the Hardcore Gamers

With November 18 (the launch date for the Wii U) fast approaching, more and more information about Nintendo’s new console is becoming available.  And the more I find about the Wii U, the more I ask myself if Nintendo is either running out of ideas? Or do they just simply not care enough about the hardcore?

The Wii U is Nintendo’s way of jump-starting the next generation of consoles, but so far, it seems that Nintendo is simply playing catch up with the current offerings of HD consoles.  There’s nothing being offered on the Wii U that is substantially better than your PS3 and Xbox360 to really warrant it to be classified as “Next Gen”, and yes I’ll explain.

Region Lock

Fils Aime

I know right?…

The Wii U, a supposedly Next Generation console which is supposed to usher in a new era in gaming, is region locked!  Meaning that you can forget about ordering up a game from Japan to play here in America or elsewhere in the world.  If you’re visiting abroad and brought your console with you, don’t buy any games you might like while you’re there, unless of course, you’re planning to buy a second console to go with it as well.  The ironic part about this whole region-locking ordeal is that it only affects the people who truly support the company the most, they’re normally the people who buys and play most of the games available on the system, the most hardcore and loyal fans of such companies, who without them the company would probably not be in business.

The Games

Wii U super Mario

We’ve seen the list of games that will be launched with the Wii U on November 18, and to say that it is lackluster is being really polite about the whole thing.  I’m not knocking the Wii U down for quantity here, as a big library is something that takes time to build. But what I’m not left truly impressed with is the quality of games that are on offer for Nintendo’s upcoming console, as we have current gen games that outshines them handily. The Wii U has yet to display a game that really differentiates it from the current gen of consoles.  I mean, sure you have the GamePad’s second screen and it does add a bit of convenience as far as gameplay goes, but a bigger Nindento DS can’t surely be what Nintendo is counting on to bring the hardcore gamers back to its doorstep, is it? The hardcore gamer does enjoy convenience, but certainly doesn’t rate it above physics, graphics, and overall performance and gameplay. So far the Wii U doesn’t have a single game that excel in any of the categories listed above.

Online/Digital Presence

Very little is known about what the Wii U has in stock for gamers when it comes to the console’s online infrastructure, but I have a feeling that the hardcore gamer will find it a bit shaky and costly.  Let’s take a look at a few things first. Nintendo finds it necessary that the Wii U make use of an optical disc that can hold up to 25GB of data, but found it convenient to sell both models of the Wii U with only 8GB and 32GB respectively.  If games are expected to be this big in size, then how long will such small hard drives last the average gamer, let alone the hardcore ones? The math is not adding up.

Another major blow to the hardcore gamer is the new discovery by Kotaku that you will not be able to chat in-game with your friends while playing using just the GamePad.  That’s right,  although the GamePad does feature a built-in mic, it cannot be used for in-game chat, meaning that the hardcore gamer is going to have to spend more money from the get-go for both a bigger hard-drive and now a headset, convenient eh? But wait… things get even more “convenient”. As it turns out, even if you do decide not to use the Wii U’s GamePad when gaming online and use the Pro-Controller, you will still need to have the GamePad relatively close to you as the pro-controller doesn’t support a connection for headset/mic, and all but one of the third-party headsets is wireless, costing upwards of $80.00.

Say What

So for a Next Generation console, it seems that the Nintendo Wii U is plagued with shortcomings. The console’s biggest strength is the convenience that it brings to traditional gaming with it’s second screen sitting in the palm of your hand.  Beyond that, the Nintendo Wii U has some major inconveniences that is sure to turn off the hardcore gamer who’s not going to want to jump through so many smoke screens just to be able to chat with their fellow gamers in an online game session.

Do you think that the Nintendo Wii U is really geared toward the Hardcore as Nintendo claims?  Or do you feel that it is a missed opportunity?


19 thoughts on “Increasing Evidence That Nintendo is Not Serious About the Hardcore Gamers

  1. I think everyone should relax. If your going by Nintendos online infastructure and saying hardcore gamers will be turned off. I think your wrong. Playstation, even till now still has a shady online infastructure it also shipped without a headset for online chat and never ever was able to offer cross chat. Yet many “hardcore Gamers” still swear that ps3 is the best online console. So to say Nintendo will scare off Hardcore Gamers you really are in the wrong. Also dont forget Xbox 360 first round of games like Perfect Dark, oh yah and Halo3 wich everyone thought didnt look much better then halo2 on original Xbox graphicly. It takes time for devs to show the hardwares potenetial so stop with this crap. if you want a wii u buy it if not shut up.

  2. I guess the fact that Nintendo has taken it on their self to publish Bayonetta2 and Ninja Gaiden 3:RE, crafted a controller designed specifically like the X360 in looks and other points note worthy is nothing?

    What is your issue, the voice chat system? Because you must have had found memories those teens talking BS and blocking them?Can’t believe you fucking brought region lock into this? Seriously what the hell does that have to do with hardcore??? Region lock is a business model.

    You don’t seem to have any technical knowledge, the amount of data transfer bandwidth
    is considerable so the HD disc that holds up to 25Gigs and can transfer data as fast as it does will not need to install games as the PS3 does, that’s why the X360 doesn’t need to most of the time as it has a faster data transfer than the PS3. The data size of the drives are ok, if you recall the Xbox used to be 10Gigs then as time moved on they brought much larger drives but increased the price. Since the conception of the wiiu nintendo did make it clear of adding features to the unit and passing that cost to the consumers. So you’re telling me that you can’t get or don’t have an external HDD of 500gigs to 2T? go check New egg if you prefer Amazon then here:

    Guess negative opinion is well worth it. You have my attention…

    Let them get an other core game exclusive and the internet might actually explode.

    PS: I didn’t bother to mention how 6 years have pass and either current gen system haven’t gotten Monster Hunter, but Nintendo already has that locked up. That’s not hardcore is it?

    PS2: i’m a hardcore/ core gamer and what you are babbling screams current gen nonsense with a 13y old trash talking in my ear over xbox live =/. You seem to paint a dark picture over nintendo and the second screen if the only bright side?Give me a break~


  4. About the storage issue: Any SD card/USB flash drive,/USB HDD works with the Wii U so that solves that.

    Online presence, yes it’s still a mystery ATM. But having many online titles at launch with voice chat is a great start, and the social networking of Miiverse looks to be a natural evolution of the XBL type network

    And I would think exclusives like Rayman Legends, Zombi U, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101 differentiate it from current consoles, personally.

    Also having the only console HD version of COD is pretty big too. Additionally there really is no game that differentiates consoles more than Mario.

    • You do know that 720p is still 720p across the board… Or did you not read the news that Call of doodie is not 1080p anymore confirmed ….And Bayonetta 2 has no release date so no thats not a launch title

      • 720p is still better than what the 360/ps3 will put out.

        On top of that the textures will be better.

        Better textures + Higher resolution = better looking game.

        Many games will be 1080p, people are forgetting that the Wii U is new, the devs don’t know it like the 360/ps3 AND they’re pushing out games in a compressed timeframe.

        This article is pretty asinine alltogether. As a hardcore gamer since Apple/Atari it’s pretty clear that Nintendo will serve the hardcore market with the Wii U.

        How the author doesn’t realize that the following are considered hardcore
        Assassin Creed 3
        I should stop there because it already made my point, but I won’t.
        Mass Effect 3
        Batman: AC
        Aliens: Colonial Marines
        Zombie U
        Darksiders 2

        On top of all those games, guess what will be coming to Wii U next year?
        Battlefield 4

        Like others have said, having a pro controller doesn’t hurt.

        Region locking stops hardcore gamers? Not really. I’ll say it doesn’t help those that want to play Japanese games, all 0.5 percent of them. Plus who and the hell takes their console with them when they vacation? Okay, I can see grandmas house a state over when the family is driving, but if I went on a trip from America to Europe, or vice versa, the last things I’ll be thinking of is using a console. Even if I did somehow do it, I think I can live with not buying a game while there. Sure it would be ‘nice’ to not have region locking, but the fact is, it only hurts people in the strangest of circumstances like half world travels or the almost non-existent population that buy foreign games.

        Voice chat is nice to have. Good thing nintendo is allowing for it. I really don’t want to use a mic on a handheld device, just like I didn’t like using Kinect or PSEYE for a mic. I want an actual headset. The funny thing is, turtle beach is selling headsets at the very least, also the Wii U has USB ports. While they haven’t confirmed it, it is very likely that PC headsets will work. Maybe not all of them, but quite a few. Wouldn’t be surprised if my PC/360 Turtle beach works. It also has both connectors…usb and 3.5, so I’ll try them both.

        Hardcore games only want wireless headsets? Personally I prefer wired. Usually have a dongle that allows for easy mute and volume changing. Plus no waiting for a recharge. Wouldn’t a hardcore gamer want a headset that is ready 24/7 rather than one that could be out or run out of juice while playing? Really the headset issue is still up in the air. Kotaku’s reporting isn’t exactly rock solid on the issue as some of it has already been refuted. I guess it’s the guilty until proven innocent argument. Because they haven’t outlined everything, everyone is going to assume things.

        The HD issue is nothing. Would you rather pay 100-150 for a MS hard drive that is worth 20 bucks at most? Or would you rather exceed the hd space in any 360/ps3 system for 50-100 bucks? Isn’t it more hardcore to upgrade your console yourself rather than let MS/Sony gouge you for the ease of putting it in the console?

        The only real issue that could derail hardcore online games (offline hardcore is already certain) is how the network is. Nintendo hasn’t come out and said enough. We’ll see. Maybe it sucks. Maybe it’s good. Either way, even if it is as good as PS3’s, it’ll be serviceable. I don’t like PS3’s, but it does work.

        Reading below I see the ‘not pushing limits’ argument regarding hardcore. Look the Wii U versions will be equal if not better than the 360/ps3 versions depending on what game it is.

        It’s looking like
        BLOPS2 will be significantly better, even at 720p.
        Aliens Colonial Marines the dev already said the Wii U version will be the best console version.

        But if you mean ‘push the limits’ versus PC, hah. The 720/PS4 won’t even do that, guaranteed. If you have an i7 920 that’s reasonably overclocked (maybe even if not at all) and a GTX 670, congrats, you already have better gear then ‘next gen’ PS4/720. Now with design advantages to lower the latencies versus PC’s, the older tech will probably approach the performance of such a PC mentioned above. That won’t push limits. Especially since we’ll have 1-2, and if delayed past the expectation, possibly 3 new generations beyond the Nvidia 6xx and ATI 7XXX lineup.

        Besides the 360/ps3 launch lineup didn’t push limits. It’s pretty amazing that people think Wii U’s should. It wasn’t until about 6 months later that finally the 360 got a proper FPS. Until then everyone was playing Perfect Dark Zero for that. A fun game, but nothing that pushed the boundaries, especially graphics.

        People also forget that is also a major factor in how many people play a game online. Since there will only be a few FPS’s on the Wii U the first few months, the install base will spend more time playing those because they have fewer options for playing FPS’s. So I doubt any of the FPS’s on the Wii U will have any trouble finding matches. Hell even the poorer ones like 007 Legends might end up with a longer lifespan on the Wii U then on the 360/ps3 because of that.

        If people think the PS4 and 720 are going to push boundaries, they are really going to have a sad reality check when they don’t. Even top of the line PC isn’t ‘next gen’ name worthy and won’t be for YEARS. Too bad if we’re years from top end PC gear from pushing boundaries and the PS4/720 will be using as of NOW years old PC tech, it’s not going to happen. Hell the 720 will have Kinect 2 bundled with it. You do the math. Needs to be cheaper than last gen, needs to be reliable and not run hot, needs to add the cost of the Kinect 2, companies need to not lose money with each console sold, and the specs being rumored are very underwhelming. ATI 6670 graphics card based? Are they serious? The GTX 670 blows that away by 200-400 percent in all the major categories. It’ll have to be faster than that, but it’s looking like a GTX 670 will have more raw power than any of the ‘next gen’ consoles. But then again, they aren’t going to put a discounted due to volume $300 graphics card inside the PS4/720.

        If people haven’t noticed, the Frostbite 2 and CryEngine 3 are 2/3 of what will be the engines for supposedly ‘next gen’. The other being Unreal 4 which isn’t out yet. So next gen is going to be running these engines, and Wii U can already do it. Hell the 360/ps3 are running a base level of the Frostbite 2 engine, meaning, the Wii U will get good quality ports (if the devs don’t botch it of course) for all the games running Frostbite 2 and CryEngine 3. Unreal 4 engine is still murky. But probably at some level it will, just not with all the eye candy.

        So in the end, the PS4/720 will be more powerful than the Wii U, but far less then top of the line single card solutions on the PC (let alone crossfire/sli rigs). But even the far less isn’t that far, because the tech isn’t progressing fast enough. So basically it’ll be like playing Battlefield 3 with very high textures on Wii U versus ultra textures on PS4/720. PS4/720 will definitely have DX11 and probably DX11.1 features, Wii U has Shader Model 4.0 at least which is the model included with DX11, but no info if say tessellation will be with it.

        Thus the difference between Wii U and 720/ps4 will be minor. Noticeable to the trained eye, but negligible. It’s not the WIi U owners that need to worry about not pushing boundaries. It’s Sony/MS fanbois that do.

        I’ll buy the others too, but if I expect top of the line, I’ll use my PC. If I want boundary pushing, I sure won’t expect it on a console. The devs make the software, and the similar specs mean all three will have the same games except for exclusives. If you want boundary pushing in games via game innovation, ask the devs, they make the games, and they are mostly streamlining games because they have debt to pay off given the Wall Street model they use. That’s why the indie scene is so big. Because it fills the gap the main devs left to pump out Madden ‘same for 10 years edition, or CoD Unmodern warfare gazillion. Some of these games are still enjoyable, but yeah CoD doesn’t push boundaries. It’s a fun game that’s changes are few and far between. Last I checked, Nintendo is opening their arms for Indie games.

        I guess I’m missing the point of how Nintendo isn’t pushing boundaries.
        Launch titles don’t really push boundaries.
        From where we are boundaries can only be pushed tech wise every ten years or so….and it’ll be on the PC, not consoles when it happens.
        Devs have to build titles that push boundaries, or else it falls on the indie scene.
        Nintendo is having a 6+ inch screen on their controller that is going to be used for many awesome things. Personally I’m looking forward to the Aliens: Colonial Marines motion tracker like from the movie Aliens I watch as a kid. Always wanted one of those things, and now Nintendo will provide that.

        Finally, the console that pushed boundaries the most besides raw power was the Wii. So much so they sold tens of millions more units then their competitors. The motion controls pushed boundaries so hard, that in midstream Microsoft and Sony scrambled to get out their own motion controls. The Kinect sucks. Hard. Really wanted it to be good. Can’t even use the sucker. Never works right, and it simply isn’t responsive enough. PS Move works alot better, but the devs sucked at using it. It is the best working one, even better than nintendo’s, but devs don’t use it really.

        Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Or in business, for cleaning your clock at something. MS/Sony are in for round two with the Wii game pad. It’s going to come in handy with BLOPS2. It’s going to come in handy with Aliens: Colonial Marines (in fact it’s a perfect fit for this game…perfect). It’s going to come in handy with Zombie U. Same thing for RPG’s with potions and spells and weapon switching on the fly. That’s boundary pushing.

        I anticipate that the real stunning games I’ll mostly still buy on PC, but that’ll be the same even after the PS4/720 come out. The games I like on console, will be on the Wii U until the PS4/720 come out. Then it comes down to things like reliability (360 sucked here so many ways…RROD, failing hd’s, disc scratching, crashing, and dvd drives giving out), network (ps3 sucked here), game hiccups (ps3 sucked here see Skyrim DLC), controller (ps3 sucked here), and now a new entrant whether or not there is a reason with the Wii U controller that adds to the gameplay with that specific game. As I mentioned it already got me to preorder Aliens: Colonial Marines over the assuredly DX11 version on the PC (that my GTX 670 will handle nicely).

        But no matter what, for 1-2 1/2 years it’ll be the best console. There will be games that use the controller that simply make sense buying the game on Nintendo. Plus Nintendo will still always have franchises worth playing themselves. But if I simply want top of the line graphics, it won’t come on a console for any amount of time on any of the consoles. None of them are going to push the boundaries. None of them will play games their predecessor couldn’t play. They will just play them at a higher fidelity level, if they bother to make them at all for the lower system. That’s just the way the tech ball bounces at this stage of the game. Again Frostbite 2 and CryEngine 3, two of the engines for ‘next gen’ have already had games out for the 360/ps3. So no, there will be no ‘this game would have been impossible on the 360/ps3’. But just about every game on the Wii U you CAN say, ‘this would have been impossible on the Wii’.

  5. It’s nothing more than a HD Wii and a controller with a screen.
    As for games, it’s all kiddie, ports and rehash. Nothing here that will interest the hardcore gamer

    • Hi Johnny, and thanks for the comment.

      It’s not about the number of games coming out for it. My criticism stems from the fact that none of the games that are coming for it will be pushing the limits of what is currently being done. One of the major setbacks this generation for gamers in general is that although the PS3 and Xbox 360 has made great leaps over their predecessors in terms of graphics, The AI and physics departments didn’t really really experience such advancements. So sure the Wii U has Call of Duty, Bayonetta 2, Zombie U, and other titles, but which one are pushing those boundaries I mentioned.
      Almost every game on the Wii U can be played without the GamePad, so when you’re sitting at home and playing Call of Duty or Zombie U with the Pro Contoller, are you going to feel like you’re playing a next generation game? are you going to feel like: “yes, finally the next generation is here, and I’m so glad for it because games like this weren’t possible on the PS3 and Xbox360?”

      In my opinion, if you put up videos of the of games from the last 3 generations of consoles without labeling them, people will still be able to tell which games belong to which generation of consoles. As it stands, if you put games from this generation of consoles against those of the Wii U (Technically Next Gen) you’ll have a hard time discerning any differences. And I believe it’s because Graphically the Wii is barely ahead, if at all, of current consoles. Secondly, no games so far are displaying any real progress in both the physics and AI department. So what exactly makes the Wii U a serious push for the potentially 140 millions and counting hardcore gamers (PS3 and Xbox 360’s install base)?

      • No console has ever released with a game that pushes the boundaries of what the console can do. Not the 3DS, the 360 nor the PS3, while the Wii’s biggest title was a Gamecube game upscaled with Wii control patched in. That always takes time, and like the 3DS, Nintendo will always have aces up its sleeve, and Pikmin will no doubt be one of them.

        Secondly, Nintendo may be claiming that its in with the hardcore crowd, but that’s never been a selling point for any Nintendo console. Yes, they’ve supported it in the past (Res 4 anyone?), but it’s Nintendo games that sell Nintendo consoles, that’s always been the case. Claiming that the Wii U is no better graphically than a Ps3 is actually a compliment, and according to some devs, there’s some power under the hood that can yet be exploited.

        The fact that it can run CoD and Assassin’s Creed III bang on against the 360/PS3 counterparts visually raises the possibility of more big name titles making the jump. Couple that with the fact that the next Xbox is probably over a year and a half away and who knows about the PS4, leaves the Wii U with a steady base to work.

        Most important of all, full HD Nintendo games based on Zelda, Starfox and Mario Galaxy would sell very well. I have no doubt about that, and Nintendo will more than likely focus on those names, especially given the use of those franchises to bolster the 3DS in its first year.

        Finally, in regards to online play, the fact that it exists at all in its current state is a jump forward for anything Nintendo related. But to be brutally honest, I won’t be playing anything FPS or online related on a Nintendo console anyway. It’s not that the system would be broken or unworthy of support, but given that most of us here probably have a PS3 or 360 in the house anyway, it’s a secondary option, not a primary concern. Chatting within a game and leaving the options to the developer, meanwhile, is actually a smart move. It means that COD can have its own integration and options, or a Mario Kart with special functions, instead of being stuck with a default console system.

        The Wii U will sell, just like the 3DS did, because of the fan base, the family friendly user base, and the fact that this is a console that wants to stand on its own two feet with its own control system. Given time, developers will unlock that potential and create some worthwhile and enjoyable titles, whilst also porting across well known brands that haven’t previously existed on a Nintendo system before (outside of the DS market). Personally, I have confidence that the console will do well. I’ve been a Nintendo fan boy for a long time now. Having said that, I own every console on the market right now, so whether the Wii U sells like hot cakes or not doesn’t matter as much to me. It won’t be my primary console, but it will sit nicely amongst them all.

        Just give me Zombie U, dammit!

      • Hi Mark, thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts.

        I can’t agree or disagree with you on whether or not the Wii U will be a financial success or not, but the article never even touched on that topic.
        “No console has ever released with a game that pushes the boundaries of what the console can do. Not the 3DS, the 360 nor the PS3” I agree with that sentiment and the article is not asking for the Wii U to push its limits out the gate. What the article is questioning is rather why the Wii U is not pushing the boundaries of THIS generation, which is what most are expecting out of a Next Gen console claiming to be catering to the hardcores.

        Resistance: Fall of Man, launch tittle for the PS3, was not pushing the PS3’s limits, but it was certainly way ahead of anything the PS2, GameCube, and the Xbox could do.

        “The fact that it can run CoD and Assassin’s Creed III bang on against the 360/PS3 counterparts visually raises the possibility of more big name titles making the jump. Couple that with the fact that the next Xbox is probably over a year and a half away and who knows about the PS4, leaves the Wii U with a steady base to work.”
        “Finally, in regards to online play, the fact that it exists at all in its current state is a jump forward for anything Nintendo related. But to be brutally honest, I won’t be playing anything FPS or online related on a Nintendo console anyway”

        I believe that the above sentiment will be shared by a lot of current gen hardcore gamers who feels that it’s not a must have.

        “Chatting within a game and leaving the options to the developer, meanwhile, is actually a smart move. It means that COD can have its own integration and options, or a Mario Kart with special functions, instead of being stuck with a default console system.”

        fair enough, how a developer integrates voice chat in a game is secondary to what a gamer will have to do in order to use that feature. For a next gen console, why is voice chat not as easy as simply pairing your Bluetooth earpiece with the system and be done with it? it’s 2012!

        And yea, Zombie U should be a fun title, I’m preferring it to RE6 so far…

  6. You shouldve known the nintendo fanboys were gonna disagree with you!
    I agree with your whole article & IMO nintendo fanboys are the worst, far outbeating the xbox fanboys or sony fanboys, although theyre in as much denial as the xbots.

    Sux to be you guys. Enjoy your kiddie system again!

    The only hardcore gamer system is PS3. Thats the facts.

    • Such ignorance is amazing. I didn’t own Gamecube. Didn’t own Wii. Owned the NES/SNES/N64. There was a time they WERE the hardcore gamers choice. I remember that time. There is no 11th commandment that says, Nintendo always has been and always will be a kiddie system that cannot compete with the big boys. You know why? Again they once WERE for hardcore gamers. Each system presents a new viewpoint of reality. That whole ‘let’s look at Nintendo through the Wii colored lens’ simply will be out of date in about a month. It really is that simple. All ideas about Wii U will need to be re-evaluated. Just like when the PS4/720 come out will alter their perception. The 720 might be rock solid reliable, thus there will be no more RROD’ing shame. The PS4 will probably ditch its horrible dev system that will allow it to add in DLC like Skyrim.

      The Wii was tempting, but ultimately I had an HDTV, and wanted FPS’s that the Wii couldn’t provide. The Wii U can provide them.

      The Wii U can do all the stuff the PS3/360 can do gaming wise and much more. That’s why I’m buying it. Because it will be HD. It will have hardcore games including FPS’s. Don’t be fooled, that controller has a ton of uses. I’m sure sometimes it’ll be used stupidly. Just like Star Wars Kinect was stupid. Or adding in Move support in some games was useless. But there are plenty of times it will help out a lot in games or make them absolutely different and fun.

      Until the ps4/720 come out, Wii U versions will be the best console versions, providing the nintendo network works. Though no one has said they’ve tried it and reported back it sucks.

      If I was only interested in the best graphics, I wouldn’t be gaming on the PS3/360/Wii U/PS4/720, as all are and will be inferior to the PC in this respect. The PS4/720 will be using tech that is 4-6 PC graphics card generations behind what PC’s are able to put in. For comparison, last time around the PS3/360 actually were 1-3 generations ahead depending on what you were looking at within the GPU.

      But you know what, that doesn’t mean everything. I find value in all the systems. The Wii U has enough value to have a lot of fun with hardcore games, and has a ton of hardcore games coming out. If I didn’t have such a powerful PC I’d buy them on the Wii U. But even then, I’ll buy some on the Wii U where it makes sense. Just like I will on the PS4/720. Either way, Wii U/720/PS4 will all be in the same ballpark this gen. Just like the others they’ll have some really fun 1st party and exclusives.

      Besides, people should play what they dig, and if they like casual, fps’s, rpg’s, indie stuff, whatever….then that’s what they should game. It’s not like all gamers should like the same games for the same reasons. If someone on the PC wants to use a controller on a FPS, or a flight stick, or a hybrid 360 controller + mouse, then whatever floats their boat. It’s about having fun, and fun isn’t limited to just a specific console that some people have deemed to for their own reasons.

      Really, THOSE are the facts.

      • lol, you have ZERO confirm information about the PS4/next xbox and yet you’re calling it fact. Funny stuff

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