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PlayStation Mobile Now Available on PS Vita (North America)

Very exciting news for you guys! PlayStation Mobile has been officially launched in North America (US and Canada).  To access it, simply grab your PS Vita and head to the PlayStation Store, and it will be across the top right hand side, next to the Search option.

Playstation Mobile

The games available right now are:


  • Wipe!  $1.49
  • Nyoqix $5.49
  • Rebel $1.99
  • Hungry Giraffe $2.99


  • Super Crate Box $3.49
  • Aqua Kitty-Milk Mine Defender $3.49
  • Fuel Tiracas $0.49


  • Everybody’s arcade (free)
  • Twist Pilot $3.49


  • Frederic – Resurrectionn of Music $3.99
  • Samurai Beatdown $0.99


  • Loot The Land $3.99
  • Magic Arrows $4.99
  • Underline $2.79
  • NUMBLAST $2.99
  • Word Blocked $1.99
  • Tractor Trails $3.29
  • Beats Slider $0.79


  • Incurvio $7.49


  • Flick Hockey $2.29

We have no word yet on when more games will be available, but our guess is that it shouldn’t be long before this list starts to increase exponentially.








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