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The Wii U vs PS3 + PS Vita Debate

The gaming press has been set ablaze ever since Sony publicly announced that the PS Vita and PS3 is currently capable of doing everything that the Wii U and its GamePad can.  Gamers from both sides of the fence have been vehemently defending their respective positions in this debate.  I personally don’t believe that it’s really a fair comparison as they are both trying to achieve different things.  Nonetheless I think that since it’s becoming a very debated topic, I’ll do my best to try to present the facts for each side here.

First let’s look at some of the major things that the Wii U GamePad can do that the PS Vita cannot.

  1. The Wii U GamePad can be used as a controller for your TV and DVR/Tivo
  2. The GamePad has Rumble
  3. It also features NFC (Near Field Communications) allowing it to interact with other NFC supporting devices
  4. Easy transition between using the TV or just the GamePad with the press of a button.

Now for a take on major things that the PS Vita can do that the Wii U GamePad Cannot.

  1. The PS Vita is sporting front and back Multi Touch screens, whereas the GamePad only tracks one point on the screen at a time.
  2. PS Vita can communicate with the PS3 from anywhere over a Wifi connection.
  3. The PS Vita is a stand alone console with it’s own characteristics and it’s own games.
  4. The ability to save your PS3 game on cloud storage and continue on the go with the PS Vita.

The PS Vita and the Wii U with it’s GamePad are both fantastic in their own ways, and there are reasons to own both of them if you can.  I think the point Sony was trying to make is that if you have a PS Vita and a PS3 already, then you’re already getting a lot of what the Wii U will be offering, although it may not be as seamless of an experience.  The reality of the issue is that they have far more in common than they have differences, and I guess to some fans, that can be seen as a knock on the Wii U since a lot of the criticisms facing the Nintendo stems from the fact that although the Wii U is certainly a big improvement over the Wii, it is not being perceived as a true next gen console that is capable of going toe to toe with what gamers are expecting to come out of PS4 and the next XBox.

In a perfect world, a gamer should own all the consoles on the market in order to not miss out on great exclusives that comes out every now and then.  But in reality, gamers like myself either can’t afford it, or even if we could we wouldn’t have enough time in the day to split between 3 different consoles and all of their games.  So most gamers prioritize and choose a console based on their gaming style.  I think the same logic should apply when it comes to the PS3 + PS Vita vs Wii U and its GamePad.  If you prefer to be able to get a console-like experience on the go, and also have the ability to play your PS3 games when you’re away, then the PS Vita is clearly for you.  And if you’re a fan of Nintendo and love their first party games, and you anticipate that the seamless interaction between the GamePad and the Wii U will make your gaming experience a lot better, then clearly there’s only one choice for you come November 18.

wii u, ps3, xbox360

Choices are a gamer’s best friends

I think the fighting on both sides needs to calm down a little as it clearly gets in the way of the bigger picture here. This is an exciting time in our industry where we have new consoles that are clear improvements over their predecessors and thankfully they both offer a different experience, which is what we should want as gamers. Otherwise we might as well have a universal console, and in all honesty, who would want that?


23 thoughts on “The Wii U vs PS3 + PS Vita Debate

  1. Instead of always walking in Nintendo’s footstep, Sony should try and come up with something totally different, original. I think always showing a me-too product is not what matters. Sony need to learn to believe in themselves and showcase a product that has the guts to be different and attractive.
    It’s always a shame to see Sony struggling with other manufacturers’ ideas.

      • And the GBA to Gamecube link came before that. It’s clearly not Sony’s focus but they’re using last minute adapted tech to try and wage a me too negative campaign against Nintendo, again. Judging by the BBC’s Eurogamer coverage, it’s working in the press. But Sony’s had it’s time in the sun and these techniques aren’t paying dividends for them anymore.

  2. Looks like every one forgot how Nintendo first did this connection on the GameCube and GBA with the legend of Zelda four swords. It had players both controlling the game on the big screen and then when entering a cave you had to look down on the GBA to see inside the cave.

    • Though it was wired to your system and required a GBA cartridge to do this.

      I say that its quite different from what the WiiU controller and PS3+PSV offer.

  3. There is no debate. For the Vita and the PS3, the price is against it and it is OPTIONAL. Therefor, developers will never do what will be necessary for this to be achieved as the install base will never be large enough to warrant it. WiiU>>>>>PS3 and Vita (which is a huge flop anyway). Sony – overhype and underdeliver. Far too bigmouthed and arrogant and that is why they are failing on all fronts and why their credit rating has been cut once more last week

    • Overhype? Under deliver? What is wrong with you Jason! Oh I Know it a case of Fanboyism. This is a good debate, and I say Sony won in my opinion. Not only that the PS3 and Vita combo is good, but at the same time it awesome if you owned both devices and have a similar game. It work like this; Standalone the PSV is like a Mini PS3 by itself, but with touch base interface, and game that can be on par with current-gen games. Making it also compatible with PS3 is a no brainer sense both devices use PSN online service, and what make this combo even better than the worthless Wii-U tablet is that the Tablet itself is not a handheld, and it can’t go to far away from the console or is like a portable device like the PS Vita or 3DS. Plus PlayStation Plus is coming for the Vita with it own instant gaming collection! what do Nintendo got? Oh a toy like tablet device and a HD Wii that will be obsolete in a few years. Then Nintendo will likely try again with stronger Hardware and call It the Wii-U-Mii to catch up with the next next Xbox and PS5. I own both the Vita and PS3, and the games that come with the cross-play does appeal better to me, because it does have this value to be an extra PS3 remote plus standalone console at the same time, and it a better device to the PS3 then say the PSP was, and it got trophies to boot. So Jason please Spend $300 or $350 dollars like a Jackass for some cheap toy that you will be throwing away in a year anyway. Even so Sony haven’t did nothing yet. Once they do, I can see why the Wii-U is going to be a big waste of my time and money. Geez, The Wii-U can’t even play Blu-ray movies or DVD, Now that sad and sorry for that kind of price!

      • Goddamit guys just stop. I have always and will always be a Sony fan but that doesn’t mean I have to defend Sony anytime some loser says Sony sucks or that Microsoft and Nintendo are better. Let fools say foolish things but goddamnit people don’t acknowledge them or your just as foolish as they are.

  4. I agree with Jason there is no debate, but for different reasons. The Vita was never designed with cross-play in mind, it’s just an added bonus for people who have a PS3 and a Vita. The Vita’s true goal is to bring console quality games to a handheld, which it would be capable of if Sony supported it properly. All this Wii U Vs. PS3 + Vita talk is silly, because they really aren’t even trying to accomplish the same things. It’s just Sony trying desperately to ride the Wii U hype to scrounge up some of their own for their handheld system with out actually putting any support into it.

  5. Sony can attempt to replicate Wii U’s abilities and can do even more things (because Vita itself is its own dedicated handheld system) , but it can’t achieve the same level of performance as Wii U can. More importantly, PS3+PS Vita functionality doesn’t stand a chance. For the record, I’m not a Sony hater and I think that PS Vita is an impressive handheld, but Sony needs to realize the situation because it seems like their out of touch with reality:

    – Everyone who owns a PS3 doesn’t have a PS Vita, but all Wii U owners have a GamePad.

    – Sony’s asking price is over $500 (remember you need that proprietary Vita memory card too!). However, Wii U will only cost you a minimum of $299, and that’s good for people who aren’t interested in wanting to get Nintendo Land. Even still, $350 for the Deluxe SKU is still a cheaper deal. What if you don’t want to own a PS Vita ? (it’s still not exactly a desirable handheld based on sales) . That’s another problem Sony has.

    – Wii U is tailor- made for asynchronous gameplay, so is a standard feature available out of the box . Software support for it is already superior and be used in a variety of more creative ways as well. Ultimately, Sony’s solution is just an extra option. Because of this, developers are extremely less likely to support the functionality.Third-parties would be severely limiting their audience if they were to support that functionality on PS3 games. It also means means that feature can never be a defining gameplay concept because it is merely an option. To make matters worse, Sony’s solution would force developers to code the game/engine twice (once for PS3 and once for Vita). That’s not a practical approach for developers and only makes it all the less unappealing feature to support.

    – Wait, Sony’s still got another big problem to face: Latency. Wii U was designed to deal with this from the get-go by apparently using a custom protocol according to smart experts guys that understand all that technical jargon. Sony however, would be relying on Wi-Fi, which is not practical alternative to replicating Wii U’s capabilities.

    – Wii U is going to outsell PS Vita in a shorter amount of time. It has a solid launch lineup complete with system-seller software (including potential evergreen titles) and good momentum to carry it early 2013. Those are things that PS3 and PS Vita (not to mention 3DS) never had.

    – Sony, don’t waste resources trying to replicate a competitor’s capabilities using connectivity capabilities, cause it’s not going to be a system seller feature. PS3+Vita functionality doesn’t pose a threat to Wii U. That’s a fact.

    – Make PS Vita its own unique system and rethink your marketing strategy while your at it. Vita can be a great machine to own, but it needs to have a competent console manufacturer to make that happen. I wish you good luck.

    • Yeah, and about time they outsell it people is going to realize that the Wii-U is just the Wii but in HD with a fancy controller. I’m not buying one because it just going to be worthless in a year time, and then some. The PS3 and Vita combo works better than the Wii-U in many ways. Have anyone watched Sony 2011 year of E3 press conference? That what Sony Meant by the PS3 and Vita Doing what the Wii-U does. In the matter of fact. Did firmware 1.80 feature cross controller a app that mimic the Wii-U tablet? Did Sony showed in a press conference at Gamecom that little big planet 2 use it? Wait, Even better. Do people Know about the PSN and the cross-save, cross-play support that make it capable to everyone everywhere who own both devices by a simple cloud save and PSN? Plus the Cross-Buy promotion which you get a free downloadable version of the same game. Some of you should Know that if you have just a PS3 then this plan make sense, and it look way better than the Wii-U plan. I got to say the reason why the Wii-U disappoints me is because the fact that I own the Wii, and Nintendo over six years ago didn’t care about HD. Until the limitation of the Wii is shown, and now there making a console that has a tablet for the controller, and try to catch the hardcore community by buying developers off. The Wii-U is not only worthless, but those who think straight and say ” Hey I got a PS3? why spend the extra money to have Nintendo latest console when I can buy a Vita instead and buy a cross-buy title?” Not only that, but the PS3 has more games, and the Vita is a stand alone console as well as Sony answer to the Wii-U tablet. Even so the Vita is disappointing in sells right about now. The chances are that game journalist are the ones to blame. You see journalist make shit up people believe it, and that how the Wii-U is hyped up to what it is today, and the PSV is where it is right now. Thank to lies, and what they see as impressive. The Wii-U is going to impress, but then it will be another fad in a few years when the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4 comes people will buy it still, but then throw it away after it limitation get to them again compare to what is truly next-gen. The PS3 even got it own Wi-Fi connection that it use to communicate with the Vita. I own both of Sony devices proudly. So any PlayStation 3 owner who is smart enough would buy a Vita Instead of the Wii-U, and that is a very smart move because the connectivity is looking bright.

  6. And too those who say Sony is just copying Nintendo by trying to get into the handheld market, you couldn’t be more wrong. Sure Nintendo did it first, so i guess you have that going for your argument, but Sony has always had a drastically different philosophy with it’s handhelds (albeit with little to no success). Nintendo makes handhelds for kids, although many adults enjoy them. Sony makes handhelds geared towards adults, unfortunately for Sony almost no one enjoys them.

    • You fell into fanboy chasm when you stated the PSP failed utterly. Your WiiU proudly parades with a PSP flagship game Monster Hunter, which is now exclusive to Nintendo (to reasons everyone already knows but feel the need not to explain), but wouldn’t have existed without the PSP.

      I enjoyed my PSP, so you’re wrong again. Please stop using the handheld to console connectivity argument to push your opinions as fact.

      PSP + PS3 = Wireless PS3 games on the PSP.
      GBA + GC = Modified GBA or GC game on TV.

      • Wow, did you even read my comments? This is why I hate posting on these articles, people bring in their own assumption and immediately attack anyone who says anything contrary to their particular tastes as a “fanboy.” Well I got news for you, I’m definitely not a Wii U fanboy. I don’t plan on picking one up, and I own and love my PS Vita. But, there is no questioning that the Vita, and the PSP in general, is a complete failure (relatively speaking) when compared to Nintendo’s handhelds. This is coming from someone who doesn’t own a DS and loves playing his Vita. It’s a great system.

        A fanboy is someone that lashes out at others for pointing out obvious truths (Sony sucks at supporting their handhelds). I’m just being realistic about a sucky situation.
        Also, if you actually read my comment instead of turning into the Hulk because I took a (well deserved) shot at Sony, you would have seen that I began defending Sony for not simply copying Nintendo’s strategies as someone had previously stated. So good job, stop trying to use internet trolling to make others look ignorant when all your really doing is making yourself look like an asshole.

      • Also, if you don’t realize the the Wii U will (commercially) outdo the PS3 and the Vita, you’re kidding yourself. I love what Sony has done with the PS3. I really, really wish it was more successful, because I think it is by far the best system this gen. It is superior in hardware, and in terms of what it offers, both in online services (seriously sixty bucks a year just to play a game online and you get nothing else in return?) and exclusives (besides halo and gears xbox has nothing). But anyone with half a brain can see the Wii U is about to take the market by storm, just like the Wii did before it.

  7. May I also remind everyone that Wii U also supports 3ds connectivity. So saying that ps vita wins because you can connect to any where you have wifi is irrelevant because so can your 3ds. Monster Hunter 3 supports up to 4 did u hear that 4 3ds and the wii u for the game. Also wii u is a home console not a portable console. It also has lots of 3rd party support. A wii u costs 300 dollars and a 3ds costs 170 dollars while a ps3 costs 250 dollars and a vita costs another 250 dollars so if I am doing my math right wii u 3ds combo costs less then your ps3 psvita combo. Wii u akso has superior graphics even at the beginning of its console life. Look at any console and you will see what I mean about all consoles having worse graphics at the beginning of its life span. Another thing what are you going to use that back touch pad for. It also has better 1st party games than sony. I have played both Mario and little big planet. I honestly find the ps3 controller a little small. My thumbs when they are on the analog sticks always seem to be running into each other when I plat any fps. But I will give the vita the cloud storage that can be pretty useful. P.S. I am not a fanboy I owned a ps and gamecube and played the gamecube more.

  8. I feel that the gamepad will bring more immersive gameplay with the touch screen. I personnaly would rather buy a game that plays better than a game that looks better but plays worse. Also the wii u can connect to 3ds for cross play functionalality. Monster Hunter is not a nintendo exclusive(monster hunter portable the third). Its just that the nintendo ones sold better so they got released overseas. I am not a fanboy I proudly own a ps3.

  9. Why are people even comparing the wii u and controller (and 3ds) with the ps3 and vita when wii u’s competition will be the ps4 and vita in a year and a half?

  10. I still stick with Vita as a portable console since this one is just too bulky like a tablet. The Wii U control is like PS3 controller the difference is the controller was on the upper part. Which vita doesn’t have R2L2 but Vita is more convenient to carry.

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