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Wii U Japanese Release Date and Price

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re enjoying this very fine day as we have breaking news from the Wii U press conference that took place in Japan.  We can now confirm that the Nintendo Wii U will be released in Japan on December 8, 2012.

Wii U 32GB Premium

There will be 2 versions available; the Basic 8GB version (white in color)  and the Nintendo Network Premium, 32GB version (black in color), both supporting full 1080p resolution, as well as sporting a total of 2GB system memory, with games using only 1GB of it, and the rest is for the Operating System.  Game Disc will hold 25GB at 22.5 MB/s

Both the 8GB and 32GB bundles will ship with the system, the Game Pad, (an HDMI cable only with the 32GB version), and  an AC adapter.  The Wii U will have something called Miiverse which will serve as their social network interface.  The Nintendo Network Premium (32GB version) customers, will get a 10% discount towards their next purchase when they buy a Downloadable Title (DL).

Wii U Game Pad Details

You will be able to play using only the Game Pad without turning on your TV if you choose to do so, though it’s not clear if all titles will allow that. It it said to have very low latency, and includes a headphone jack at the top of it.

The price for the Premium version (32GB) will be 30,000 yen before taxes, and the Basic version (8GB)will cost 25,000 yen before taxes.


One thought on “Wii U Japanese Release Date and Price

  1. Well, basically I thought that the ”tablet” of the Wii U is just an remote controll, but it’s is just a full-functioned tablet with a sensor strip, a camera and a microphone! I just can’t wait untill the Wii U comes to West-Europe. Wii ombouwen

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