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Remote Play Update for PS Vita

Remote play

Good News everyone. As of yesterday, both the God of War HD Collections and the Ico/Shadow of Colossus Collections have been updated to feature Remote Play compatibility with the PS Vita. This feature enables you to play the games on your PS Vita using a Wifi connection. All you need to do is first make sure you have the games listed above, then download the free patch on your PS3, and voila!

There will also be a slew of features down the road on selected titles as well.

  • Cross-Controller: Will let you use your PS Vita as a controller for selected PS3 Games
  • Cross-Play: (Not be confused with Cosplay) Will allow players to go head to head with each other whether one is one the PS3 and the other on a PS Vita.
  • Cross-Buy: (A big one for me) Will allow you get a free copy of selected games when you purchase the PS3 version. (A nice and welcome break for wallets)
  • Cross-Save: Will give you the ability to save selected games you’re playing on the PS3, and load them up on your PS Vita and continue your gaming on the go.

The Vita is already a great little device and it’s getting better every day. So a Big thanks to the guys at Sony for listening and working hard to get those features out for the early adopters like myself.


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