The Myth Of The Dying Vita

A Vita in the Wild

On February 22, 2012, the long awaited official North American release of the Playstation Vita was over. The reviews were in, some herald it the best launch line of a any consoles, handheld or otherwise. Detractors were few and far in between, a sharp contrast to the receipt of its bigger brother , the PS3, some five-six years ago.

Now fast-forward to a short 6 months, the honeymoon period well over, the gaming press have all but file for divorce from the Vita. The main complaints being that life with a six month old console, sporting some of the best technological advances ever assembled for a handheld gaming device, and with a plethora of games  (Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Unit 13, Hot Shots Golf; World Invitational, Motor Storm RC, Resistance Burning Skies, Escape Plan, Reality fighters. And multiplatforms like Fifa 12, MLB 12 The Show, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Madden NFL 13, LEGO Batman and Harry Potter, Ultimate Marvel vs Capom 3, Mortal Kombat) and with many more titles to come, you would think that a 6 month old system, packing this much heat, would be considered alive and well, right?

Well think again my friend. Countless blogs and respected gaming sites are painting a very different picture of the Vita. Going as far as to suggest that the vita needs a savior in terms of games. Saying that the vita doesn’t have that “one  game” that really defines it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if those critics were talking about about a Nintendo console (Mario),or an Xbox (Halo) I would understand. But a Sony console has never, ever, been define by one specific game. The Playstation brand has always thrived on a very diversified library of games, spanning multiple genres and bringing in people of all ages.  So to someone who doesn’t know the history behind Playstation, these complaints among others seems valid. But to anyone who’s gaming resume goes back even to last gen, they know that no one game alone has been able to define a Playstation system. A lot of the criticisms against the vita are unwarranted, and you begin to wonder if it’s simply ignorance at work, or something else entirely.

The other apparent issue for the PS Vita, according to the very vocal group of people out there complaining, is its price tag. The notion is that the Vita is too expensive at $250.00 a pop for the Wifi model, additionally, there’s the very expensive,proprietary, memory cards and the  prices of some of their games as well. I partially agree with the sentiments as well, for personal reasons. I’m of the belief that games are way too expensive not just on the PS Vita, but on consoles as well. At $60.00 plus taxes per game, gaming, has become a very expensive hobby. And by the time you factor in DLC and what not, yeah… it’s way too much money in my opinion. The PS Vita on the other hand, for what it offers as far touchscreen control, plus every button found on a current gen controller, with dual analogue sticks and a 5 inch OLED screen, plus Built in Wifi, front and rear cameras, couldn’t be price any better from a business point of view. But unfortunately, I’m not in business with or for Sony, so meaning that a cheaper PS Vita, with more reasonably price memory cards and games would greatly benefit my pockets. Or better yet, encourage me to enjoy my hobby even more, by buying more games.

Things to come

The PS Vita’s real issues are not a lack of games, that’s a myth, and I so wish I could have Adam and Jamie bust that one up for you all, but we’ll have to wait another day for that. I can never be an advocate for less games, I’m a gamer, I will always want more games even when my hands are full and my backlog spans as far back as the beginning of this generation. But what I won’t do is spread misinformation about lack of games on a 6 month old system, that so far this year, has had more exclusive games than the Xbox 360, or the Wii for that matter.As well as pretend that there’s nothing down the line for gamers to look forward to on that system. We have upcoming games like Little Big Planet, Call of Duty: BO Declassified, AC III Liberations, PS All Stars Battle Royale, NFS  Most Wanted, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, TearAway, Killzone Mercenary, Fifa 13, Street Fighter vs Tekken, Spy Hunter and many many more games to come. So to say the Vita needs a “savior” is blatant trolling and reveals an obvious double standard that exist in our current industry, and that’s just putting it mildly. Our industry could use a lot less of it to be honest.

If you’re reading this, and you’re on the fence about getting a PS Vita, then I would recommend you do a little bit of research prior to making the jump. If you’ve never owned a PSP, then the Vita offers quite a few PSP titles that you can now play with dual analogue sticks. If you’re younger and never had a chance to play some of the classics from the original Playstation, then the Vita just received a few gems from that era as well. And if you want to play current gen Vita games, then you’re luck, because not only do they have some great titles already available, but we’re also entering the holiday season meaning there will be bundles, and deals and Black Fridays and Boxing Days, and many different opportunities for you, the gamer, to hop on a vita, and  enjoy your hobby on the go.

So whether you decide to wait, or make the plunge now is up to you. As for me, I’ve been “livin’ la Vita Loca” for almost 6 months now, and I have very few complaints.


11 thoughts on “The Myth Of The Dying Vita

  1. I still think the Vita is not expensive. The same people who complain about the price of the Vita are also the ones throwing away hundreds of dollars on ridiculously overpriced smartphones that cost significantly more than the Vita and have less powerful hardware.

    The price of games is also not that bad really compared to previous generations (everyone seems to forget how much SNES and Genesis games cost). And if you just have a little patience to wait a few months until the price drops (often by 50-75%), then gaming is really cheap. There’s plenty of games on any system to play whilst you’re waiting.

    It’s laughable to me when people describe gaming as an expensive hobby – I think those people must’ve never had any other hobbies.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. I agree with the point that you made about the Vita not being expensive. For the amount of technology that it is packing under the hood, I believe that it very competitively priced. Especially when you take into consideration the other point you brought up regarding the prices of smartphones and tablets being sold on the market.

      You’re also correct that if one applies a bit of patience, often they can get a discount. But in reality, very few gamers want to wait for that price drop to happen. And that is especially true for gamers who do a great portion of their gaming online, and waiting means that you sort of miss the boat and you’re lagging behind a bit as far as skills and perks. Those factors although small, may mean more to someone who’s part of an online community or clan.

      And I’ll agree to disagree with you on that last sentence, lol. For me it’s been quite expensive. Between my PS3, and my Vita, and my Logitech steering wheel plus the stand, plus my HMZ-T1 visor, and games, and controllers, I’ve spent almost $7,000.00 so far, and it’s not over as there are new games coming out still. And it’s not like gaming is all I do, I work, I play sports for the city I live in, I ride my Motorcycle, and other things. So it does add up for me.

  2. I just want to say thank for your voice in the darkness. I am an early adopter of the Vita and could not be more excited about its future.
    What people dont seem to grasp is the current gluttony for games. Being an older gamer I remember the times when we would play a game until completion and then look for another title to conquer not have 20 games that I have only played for the first few levels only to demand another to sate my A.D.D.
    I could go on about golden age of gaming e.t.c. but thankfully i wont so again Thanks for the article and remember the best stuff comes later, when developers have learned the ins and outs of a system and know how to push a new system beyond its limits.

    • Jason thanks for checking out the Blog and taking the time to write back, I really appreciate it. And you bring back memories man, I remember that as well. As a matter of fact, it was a almost a necessity to have finished all the games you own, and not only that, but master them as well. On my block my cousins and I used to be the only ones with a Super Nintendo, and we’d have anywhere from 5-20 guys in a room just waiting for their turn after someone dies, so if you wanted to play for a long time, you had better be good. Good old times indeed, but yeah, I’m very existed about what’s in store for the Vita in the near future.

  3. I’ve my vita since last christmas (imported from Japan) and still I use it daily. I’ve already finished Uncharted (normal and hard) Rayman Origins, Resistance BS, Gravity Rush, played MK, MVSC3 and BB to death, almost finished PSP Resistance Retribution (it plays GREAT with dual analogs and bilinear filtering), and still have Ninja Gaiden, MGS collection, Wipeout left plus a few more PSP games I bought for my PSP Go and now I can enjoy.

    So, yeah, I’m deeply in love with my Vita, I’ve haven’t played a console so much since I was a kid, and I’m drooling at what’s coming in a few months (specially sfxtk and LBP :O). Now Sony even adds PS1 compatibility and the recent remote play for ICO/SOC and GOW collection (only played ICO among all those), whoever says there’s nothing for the Vita is just crazy, there’s almost too much for me.

    If you consider what has come out in the last 6 months for the 3ds in comparison, as a hardcore gamer, not counting kiddy stuff, there’a lot less interesting stuff in 3ds than Vita, and it’s still such a young console.

    What really matters me is that there so much untapped potential here, if I hadn’t played Uncharted and seen those graphics with my very eyes (on a day one game!), I would laugh to the PS3 in a pocket thing, but UC is incredible, so most developers are being plain lazy with the Vita.

    And all that without taking into account the huge amount of free apps for the device. Dead the say lol

    • Hi Motto, thanks for the recommendations, I’ve been on the fence about getting Resistance Retribution, so going by the feedback you’re giving me, I might just make the plunge. Though I’m curious to know if the multiplayer still works with the Vita, if you could confirm that for me, I would really appreciate it. About playing time on the Vita, you’re right, the vita is cutting into my GT5’s playing time, and my already huge PS3 backlog is falling behind even more. And I just can’t believe how well UC runs on it, and I can kind of sympathize with the guys who are up in arms about CoD on the Vita, though CoD has never really been known for it’s graphics.

  4. Great article.. I have been saying this all along. I enjoy my Vita. I take it everywhere with me. What chaps my ass is when these people who don’t even own a PSV sit up here and trash it. I don’t own a 360 or a Wii at the moment. However, I still won’t get on the blogosphere and talk about likes and dislikes for those systems that I don’t own (just my reasons for my preference)

    Regarding the price of games, you’re absolutely right! They are getting mad expensive. I also wish that Sony would’ve added the 4gb memory card in with the Vita.. it’s practically useless.

    That being said, I am very happy about my Vita and am totally excited for the games to come.. Especially Soul Sacrifice and Sacred 3… Peace

    • Thanks for the feedback Big Freezy, I totally agree with you there. I wanted to go more in depth on where I think most of the criticism is coming for, but I had no concrete proof of that. But I can assure you that I’m also under the suspicion that the more vocal complaints are from people who don’t own the system. With the Memory Cards, I think something as simple as doing away entirely with the 4gb, and just sell the 8gb for that price would help. Because when I was making my purchase, I really didn’t bother considering the 4gb as an option.

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